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A Comprehensive Approach to Research and Innovation

2019 Awards

HSRI congratulates the following faculty who have been awarded grants in 2019, from organizations including the National Institutes of Health, The National Science Foundation, UC Davis and UCSF.


Faculty Member

Funding Agency

Grant Type


Project Title 

Jaapna Dhillon National Center on Minority Health and Health Disparities, NIH K99   Effects of Functional Food Diets on Cardiometabolic and Metabolomics Profiles in Minority Youth
Xuecai Ge National Institutes of Health R15   Target PDE4D to inhibit the Hedgehog Patheway 
Anna Beaudin National Institute of Heart, Lung and Blood R01   Regulation of tissue resident macrophage develpment by IL-7R signaling 
Rose Scott National Science Foundation     Clarifying the relationship between socioeconomic status and early psychological reasoning 
Wei-Chun Chin Gulf of Mexico Research Initiative (Prime)
(sub award from Texas A&M)
    ADDOMEx2: Synthesis of processes and pathways of marine oil snow formation
Matthew Zawadzki National Institute on Aging (Prime)
(sub award from Pennsylvania State)
UH3   Mobile, Web-based Behavioral Intervention for Improving Caregiver Well-Being
Everyday Stress Response Targets in the Science of Behavior Change 
Matthew Zawadzki National Institute on Aging (Prime)
(sub award from UC San Diego)
R01   Mobile, Web-based Behavioral Intervention for Improving Caregiver Well-Being
Everyday Stress Response Targets in the Science of Behavior Change 
Andy LiWang Department of Army Research      Birth of the Metamorphome, Life Sciences 
Sidra Goldman-Mellor  UC Davis, UCFC Small Grant program     Predicting firearm suicide among emergency department patients: A statewide longitudinal study
Nestor Oviedo National Institute of General Medicine Science     The Effects of Direct Current Stimulation in Adult Tissues
Kirk Jensen

National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, NIH




Masters of Immunology-How Toxoplasma Gondii Directly Manipulates Tcell

Using the Collaborative Cross to Discover New Requirements for Vaccine-Induced Immunity to T. gondii 

Rosa Manzo California Environmental Protection Agency-CalEPA     Impact Evaluation of Pesticide Related Illness Outreach for Health Care Providers 
Jing Xu

National Institute of General Medical Science-NIGMS

R15   Biophysical investigation of cargo membrane fluidity on multiple-motor transport 
Irene Yen National Institute on Aging R01 supplement   Educational Trajectories and Health: When People Finish School and Why It Matters
Eva de Alba Bastarrechea National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases     Molecular Bases of Inflammasome Regulation Mediated by ASC Isoforms
Clarissa Nobile

National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research

Department of Defense-Defense Research and Engineering


Genetic Regulation of Antifungal Drug Resistance in Candida Albicans

High Dimensional Flow Cytometer for Microbiological Analysis and Education

Nancy Burke University of California Office of the President      Intersecting Inequities: Linking Tobacco Use to Oral Health Disparities among Blacks and Latinx
Tanya Golash Boza National Science Foundation     Prisoner Re-Entry and Gentrification 
Paul Brown San Benito County      Return on Investment from the Whole Person Project
Rosa Manzo Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment      Pesticide Illness Recognition, Management and Reporting Training for Health Care Professionals


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