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HSRI Walking Meetings

The Health Sciences Research Institute brings you three campus loop walking routes to stimulate discussion, promote outdoor exercise, and enable physically-distanced meetings as we emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic. Arrange to meet at a numbered waypoint and follow the route of your choice.

HSRI reminds you to: 

  Hydrate – Bring a water bottle!

  Sunscreen – And don’t forget to wear sunglasses and a hat!

  Respect – Walk to the pace of the slowest in your group and remember not everyone has the same level of ability.

  Innovate – Enjoy your walking meeting and get creative!

Download a printer-friendly PDF

2021 HSRI campus walking map

Waypoints / Meeting Points

Waypoint marker 1Biomedical Sciences & Physics Building – the home of HSRI and the center of the 2020 Project, Waypoint 1 serves all three core routes and is perfect for colleagues working in buildings on the new 2020 academic quad.

Waypoint marker 2University Administration Building – serves all three core routes and your meeting point from Admin, the Health and Wellness Center, and other 2020 Project buildings on the south of campus.

Waypoint marker 3Entrance to campus at Scholars Lane – Yellow (Half Hour) and Purple (Life, the Universe and Everything) routes pass through waypoint 3, which is well-situated for groups meeting from the Early Learning Center and original campus student dorms.

Waypoint marker 4Bridge over the canal at Lake Yosemite Park – your turn-around point on the Purple (Life, the Universe and Everything) route, waypoint 4 is not intended as a meeting point. The walk to Waypoint 4 has little shade and is not recommended on hot days.

Waypoint marker 5Kolligian Library & Lantern – pick up refreshments at the Lantern or the Bobcat Store for your walking meeting. Serves all three core routes and is ideally situated for groups based in KL and COB2

Waypoint marker 6Classroom and Office Building 1 – serves all three core route, the ideal meeting point for groups from the Social Sciences & Management (SSM), Student Services (SSB), and Classroom & Office (COB1) buildings

Waypoint marker 7Science and Engineering quad – serves all three core routes and is your meeting point for SE1, SE2 and Facilities building meetings.