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Graduate Student Services

HSRI Graduate Student Services 

HSRI Graduate student members are eligible for help with grant or fellowship applications!

Requests for any external funding such as grants or fellowships, must go through our Sponsored Projects Office, SPO. This is the same requirement for faculty funding. 
Depending on the funder, the application might be submitted by SPO, your advisor or you but all awards require the creation of a record in Cayuse SP, our campus system for tracking awards. Your advisor will always be listed as the Principal Investigator, regardless of the type of opportunity (like a fellowship).

The exact process will depend on the type of funding but there are a few steps that will always apply:

  • Start Early---reach out to HSRI as soon as you identify a funding opportunity you are interested in.

  • Work with your Advisor to review the process and requirements. 

  • Plan to submit materials and necessary internal forms (listed below) a minimum of SIX BUSINESS DAYS before the funder’s deadline.

  • You will get notifications of funding opportunities from HSRI, but other sources include: 

UC Merced Graduate Division Financial Support


Internal UC Merced forms that must be submitted are: 

  • Budget and budget justification 

  • Conflict of interest forms disclosing any potential personal interest you and your advisor have in the funded project

  • Complete packet of all application materials 


Biosketch and CV Reviews 
Any applications to the National Institutes of Health (NIH) require key personnel to submit a biosketch. This document allows applicants to: describe the magnitude and significance of their scientific contributions (including publications) and provide detailed information about their research experience in the context of the proposed project

Find the template here, then reach out to HSRI for feedback. We recommend developing your biosketch even before you have a specific funding opportunity in mind.


For more info, reach out to HSRI via or the Graduate Division at . We’re here to help and want you to get funded!