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CHEER Workshops

Providing Solutions

The Center for Health Evaluation and Economic Research (CHEER) provides healthcare providers, community partners, government agencies and researchers with consultation and training in economic evaluations and needs assessment of healthcare services and programs.

Upcoming Workshops and Courses

Our Expertise and Approach

CHEER graduate student researchersWe have an expertise in research methodologies such as analysis of healthcare data, economic evaluations, resource based costing, and discrete choice surveys needed to address the fiscal challenges facing our healthcare system, especially for rural and underserved communities.

Our approach is community based, including translating the work to diverse communities. Our aim is to make a positive impact on cost and quality of care by providing evidence to support policy and system change.

Consulting and Support

Prof. Paul Brown with undergraduate studentAmong the services CHEER provides to healthcare providers, community partners, government agencies and researchers are:

  • Assessment of met and unmet need through:
    • Analysis of healthcare data
    • Surveys and interviews
    • Systematic reviews
  • Economic evaluations including:
    • Cost effectiveness analysis
    • Resource based costing
    • Budget impact analysis
    • Return on Investment

Workshops and Training

  • Economic evaluations
  • Needs assessments
  • Analysis of the US Healthcare system