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A Comprehensive Approach to Research and Innovation

Research Week 2013

HSRI's inaugural research week symposium took place on March 7th, 2013. The schedule and fliers for this event are presented here for archive purposes.


Download the email-friendly PDF event flier (310KB)

Download the print-quality PDF event flier (42MB)


Time Faculty Speaker HSRI Cluster Title
1:00pm Suzanne Sindi Bio-simulation Mathematics and mad yeast: Modeling prion dynamics in living cells
1:20pm Michael Colvin Bio-simulation Atomic-level simulations of anticancer drugs
1:40pm Jan Wallander Health Disparities Children from racial/ethnic minorities and low income families do not have an equitable chance for good health and positive well-being
2:00pm Stergios Roussos Health Disparities Addressing language disparities for Limited English Proficient patients: Lessons from a statewide organizational survey
2:20pm Linda Cameron Cancer Graphic warning labels for cigarettes: Do they discourage smoking?
2:40pm Erin Gaab Cancer Communicating with children with cancer and other life-limiting illnesses
3:00pm Jeffrey Gilger Basic and Behavioral Neuroscience Genes, brains, and learning disorders
3:20pm Masashi Kitazawa Basic and Behavioral Neuroscience Understanding molecular mechanisms of Alzheimer's disease
3:40pm Evan Heit Decision Making Interpreting medical tests
4:00pm Paul Brown Behavioral Medicine Assessing the value of a public health system using discrete choice experiments
4:20pm Carol Sipan Behavioral Medicine HIV prevalence and related risk behaviors reported by male Mixteco migrant laborers in San Diego County
4:40pm Andy LiWang Biomolecular Research Rhythmic ring-ring stacking drives the circadian clock clockwise

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