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Social hierarchy book cover

Paul Almeida


The University of California Press recently published a book by Sociology Professor Paul Almeida entitled, Social Movements: The Structure of Collective Mobilization. The work outlines the fundamental properties of social movements, including chapters focusing on: classification and methods of study; dominant and alternative theoretical frameworks; movement emergence; movement framing and messaging; individual recruitment/participation; movement outcomes/conditions associated with success; and social movement struggles in the global South as well as transnational movements.  The book emphasizes the critical role of joint action by ordinary people to confront major economic, political and environmental threats in the twenty-first century.  More specifically, Almeida examines how and when people mobilize against economic inequality, racism, environmental injustice, climate change, gender discrimination and other major issues and the likelihood of achieving desired social change.

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Food futures book cover

Catherine Keske, Editor


Over the centuries, people living in Newfoundland and Labrador have demonstrated remarkable resourcefulness in order to reap the bounty of both sea and land. However, despite renewed interest in traditional Newfoundland and Labrador meals, the reality is that many cannot attain healthy and affordable food. Food Futures contributes to the Canadian food studies literature by exploring the origins, present day complexities, and future of the Newfoundland and Labrador food system. This uniquely interdisciplinary collection draws from the research of 24 scholars in disciplines ranging from anthropology to biology. Collectively, the authors offer a vision for a sustainable food system that meets the dual goals of achieving food security and food sovereignty for all. 

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cover for Health travels book

Nancy Burke

This collection of essays challenges static and binary discourses regarding the Cuban healthcare system, bringing together papers that paint a nuanced and dynamic picture of the intricacies of Cuban health(care) as it is represented and experienced both on the island and around the world.

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cover of soft matter science book

Linda Hirst

Soft materials such as liquid crystals, polymers, biomaterials, and colloidal systems touch every aspect of our lives. Not surprisingly, the rapid growth of these fields over the past few decades has resulted in an explosion of soft matter research groups worldwide. Fundamentals of Soft Matter Science introduces and explores the scientific study of soft matter and molecular self-assembly, covering the major classifications of materials, their structure and characteristics, and everyday applications.

New edition being released in September 2019. 

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