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Prof. Andy LiWang
Ancient Biological Clockwork Revealed Using ‘Secret Sauce’
Prof. LiWang and colleagues take one step closer to understanding the proteins that direct cyanobacterial circadian rhythms, or biological clocks
Students in Professor McCloskey's lab
Students Building Living Machines Out of Engineered Tissues
Students in Prof. Kara McCloskey's Tissue Engineering Design course learning to build living, walking robots — bio-bots — out of engineered muscle cells.
Welcome to UC Merced's Health Sciences Research Institute
A Comprehensive Approach to Research and Innovation
People in Eurasia are Genetic Hybrids with Evolutionary Advantages
Prof. Emelia Huerta-Sanchez's research finds genetic programming for extreme elevations in Sherpa and Tibetan DNA.
Researcher Tracking Teens Who Attempted Suicide
HSRI faculty member, Prof. Sidra Goldman-Mellor, awarded National Institutes of Health funding to pursue important suicide research.

Health Sciences Research Institute at UC Merced

The Health Sciences Research Institute (HSRI) was established in May 2012 as the second Organized Research Unit at UC Merced and is the University's focal point for health and medical research.

With 90 faculty members across UC Merced's three schools (Engineering, Natural Sciences, and Social Sciences, Humanities & Arts), HSRI aims to foster world-renowned researchers through its work to improve the health of the people in the San Joaquin Valley and beyond.

HSRI members are also engaged in translational research, evaluation and effectiveness research, and public health systems and services research.

California map with San Joaquin Valley insetSan Joaquin Valley regional health issues include asthma, valley fever (coccidioidomycosis), obesity, diabetes, cancer, hypertension, heart disease, risky teen behaviors, teen tobacco use, sexually transmitted diseases, hepatitis, and many others.

The opportunities to address the growing and complex health issues of the San Joaquin Valley and beyond require inter- and multidisciplinary teams.

HSRI’s collaborative multidisciplinary research clusters and community emphasis provide an opportunity to rapidly develop, test, and disseminate new ways of improving health and delivering healthcare.

This will help establish UC Merced as a world-renowned research university while improving the health of the people in the San Joaquin Valley.

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