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Valley Fever Day (06/2013)

Please join us for the Health Sciences Research Institute's Research Day on Valley Fever at 9:30am on Saturday, June 29th at UCSF Fresno Center for Medical Education and Research. The finalized schedule will be up shortly.

Time Event
9:30 to 10:00 Introductions and coffee —Room 137 Dr. Michael Peterson
10 am-
12:00 pm
Valley Fever Research Ideas and Discussion —Room 137
9 10-minute presentations:
Topic P.I. Institution
Economic and health burden on the San Joaquin Valley Paul Brown UCM
Identifying Infection 'Hot Spots' Steve Roussos UCM
Limited utility of diagnostic tests for Cocci in patients presenting with lung nodules Michael Peterson UCSF F
Delays in access to detection and treatment for vulnerable populations Carol Sipan UCM
Biological markers and severity of the condition David Ojcius UCM
Cocci in Infants and Children Francesca Geertsma UCSF F
Psychosocial factors affecting
Pediatric Cocci Patients
Erin Gaab UCM
Classical serology testing Michael Lancaster Kern County Department of Health
Advances in PCR Dominic Dizon UCSF F

Outcome:  Identify  groupings for research, such as:

  • Basic Science
  • Treatment issues
  • Policy/impact of disease
Dr. Paul Brown
12:00 pm – 12:30 Lunch —Room 116  
12:30  –
1:30 pm
Small group discussion: What are the key unanswered questions that we might be able to address
  • Basic Science —Room 108
  • Treatment issues —Room 112
  • Policy/impact of disease —Room 113

Outcome:  For each  group: 

  • Prioritize unanswered questions
  • Research projects to pursue
  • Research teams
Dr. Paul Brown
1:30 pm –
2:30 pm
Reconvene to discuss: —Room 137
  • Next steps
    • Research collaborations
    • Outreach
  • Potential funding streams
    • Potential mechanisms
    • Laboratory & other needs


  • Decision on how to proceed with Nov meeting
  • Plan for pursuing research funding and projects
Dr. Steve Roussos
2:30 pm –
3:00 pm
Concluding Remarks: Future Directions
Dr. Michael Peterson

Please contact Trevor Hirst <> or Erin Gaab <> for more information.
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