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Health Decision Making

Student working labThe Health Decision Making cluster carries out research on how people make decisions regarding health.  This work includes how patients and other individuals make judgments about their own healthy behavior, medical tests, and medical treatments. 

In addition, the cluster studies how doctors and other medical professionals make judgments when testing and treating patients.  One key theme is how do patients and doctors seek, use, communicate, and act on health information.

In general, research within the cluster is aimed at finding areas of difficulty in people’s health decision making. Focus in this general direction creates opportunities to support and improve decision making. 

More specific topics of interest throughout the cluster range and include decision making about:

  • Prevention and treatment of cancer, diabetes and obesity
  • Adolescent and adult judgments about smoking
  • Communication with special language populations
  • Use of the Internet in health information seeking
  • Supporting genetic testing

This research cluster is comprised of faculty members from the School of Natural Sciences, the School of Engineering, as well as, the School of Social Sciences, Humanities and Arts.