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Faculty Funding Success Initiative

2020 Faculty Success Initiative ParticipantsFSI-Extramural Funding Fellowship (FSI-EFF)

A campus-wide initiative supported by the Schools (SSHA, SoE, SNS), Graduate Division, HSRI, SNRI, and the Office of Research and Economic Development.

This four day selective and focused training program is based on tools used by San Diego State University that have proven successful in helping faculty to maximize their success in securing extramural funding. The program focuses on mentoring early-career faculty and new investigators in skills that range from communicating with grant officers, to finding funding opportunities, developing successful proposals, and interacting with the media, and more. 

The program is selective, with a preference for faculty who are pre-tenured, although other faculty moving into new investigative areas may be considered as well.  Fellows will receive a $3000 stipend: $2000 for program participation and $1000 after a grant has been submitted. Fellows will be encouraged to also access the FSI-Pre-submission Review Program to help with grant submissions or resubmissions after the FSI-EFF Fellowship is completed.



Criteria Include: 

  • Your planned proposal must be targeted at a federal agency (e.g., NSF, DOE, NEH, etc.), with full indirect costs allowed.
  • The proposal you may submit must be run through an UCM unit. More specifically, your proposal will be submitted through the unit that sponsors your fellowship, e.g. fellows supported by SNS submit their grants through SNS, etc.
  • The applicant should be pre-tenured, although post-tenured applicants moving into new investigative areas or who have not been funded before may be considered.
  • If an applicant is not selected for participation this year, he/she can apply again when the program is offered in the future. 
  • In-person attendance in all four sessions is required, so be sure you can commit your time on these dates. 
  • Fellows will receive $2000 for their participation. An additional $1000 is awarded if a grant is submitted within 12 months. 
  • Applications are reviewed by the school deans, graduate division dean, ORU directors, and ORED staff.