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A Guide to Success in Scientific Publishing

Women We Admire: Professor Teenie Matlock

Start Here FAFSA/CADAA Workshop

UC Merced Men's Basketball Home Opener

Start Here FAFSA/CADAA Workshop

UC Merced Women's Volleyball

Soccer Senior Day

Movie Night: "The Internet's Own Boy"

2019 Valley Fever Summit

2019 UC Valley Fever Summit

UC Valley Fever Summit

UC Merced Women's Volleyball

Teacher Prep Information Session

The Joy of Search: Research with Open Content

Punctum Books: Experimental Publishing and Unconventional Scholarship with Eileen Joy

UC Merced Men's Soccer

UC Merced Women's Soccer

Alumni Basketball for Homecoming

ValleyBio: Local Science, Art, Food

UC Merced Women's Soccer

UC Merced Men's Soccer

Twitter as a Data Source

They [Color] Blinded Me with Science: Why Facing Racist Realities Requires Identity Conscious Research

UC Merced Men's Soccer

UC Merced Women's Soccer

“Passion and Process: In Search of Deep Work:" Daniel Wong

Manage Your Research with Mendeley

“Rest and Recover: How ‘Good Rest’ Can Lead to Breakthroughs:" Daniel Wong

UC Merced Women's Volleyball

Graphs and Charts for the Social Sciences

Keeping Data Safe & Secure

UC Merced Women's Vollleyball

UC Merced Women's Volleyball

Manage Your Research With RefWorks

Global Arts Lecture: "Absence of the Indo-Islamic Monument: Cinema & National Identity in a time of Partition"

The Politics and Practicalities of Counting People

Top Google Secrets To Listing Your Business Online

Taller De Pequenos Negocios

Study Abroad Fair - Fall 2019

Start Here FAFSA/CADAA Workshop

UFC October Kick-Off Luncheon

UC Merced Soccer Doubleheader in honor of National Hispanic Heritage Month

Using the ICPSR Data Archive

Twitter as a Data Source

NASA Graduate Research Opportunities

2020 & Beyond: Building & Thinking Forward

Cleaning Messy Data with OpenRefine

Research Starters: YouTube for Research- Citation Basics

Research Starters: Melvyl- A Search Tool for Your Academic Success

Image Metadata: What Am I Really Sharing?

Research Starters: Find Scholarly Articles with Academic Search Complete

Research Starters: 6 Strategies for Reading Scholarly Articles

Choosing a Citation Management Tool

Using Data-Planet to Find Statistics

Financial Aid Advisors Meet & Greet

Teacher Prep Information Session

UC Merced Syllabus (Men's Soccer Home Opener)

Fall Instruction Begins

Welcome to the Bobcat Family (Women's Soccer Season Opener)

Fall Semester Officially Begins

UC Merced Women's Volleyball Home Opener Vs. Menlo College

2019-2020 CREST Scholars Undergraduate Research Fellowship Program - application is open!

NASA-funded Research Opportunity for UC Merced Undergraduate Students - Merced nAnomaterials Center for Energy and Sensing (MACES)

Research on a Napkin: Feedback on Research Design

Breakfast with a Med Student

Valley Fever Community Awareness Day

HSRI / UCANR Research Week event: Food and the Environment

2015 Research Week - Translating Health Innovations: Bench to Bedside to the World

Valley Fever Seminar Series: Leslie Wilson, Ph.D.

Valley Fever Seminar Series: Erin Gaab, Ph.D.

Valley Fever Seminar Series: Sarah M. Rios

Valley Fever Seminar Series: Anita Sil MD, PhD

Valley Fever Seminar Series: John Taylor, PhD

Valley Fever Seminar Series: Kirt Emery, MPH

Valley Fever Seminar Series: David Filip

Valley Fever Seminar Series: David Ojcius, PhD

Valley Fever Seminar Series: Herbert Boro, M.D., F.A.C.P.

Valley Fever Seminar Series: Antje Lauer, PhD

Valley Fever Seminar Series: Clarence Cryer Jr., MPH CCHP

Valley Fever Seminar Series: Nathan Stockamp, MD

CGIA GeoSummit - GIS...integrating your community, world, life

HSRI Research Week Symposium on Tobacco Use: New Products, New Policies

Molecular and Cell Biology Seminar Series - Dr. Linda J. Van Eldik, PhD

SSHA Lecture Series - Nolan Noble

Health Disparities Cluster Brown Bag Lunch Series

Valley Fever Research Day

The Sociology Seminar Series Presents: Kevin M. Moseby, PhD

Sierra Nevada Research Institute - Science Cafe Merced

HSRI Lecture Series - Dr. Steve Wooding

HSRI Lecture Series - Dr. Melbourne Hovell

HSRI Lecture Series - Dr. Jerome Zack

Sigma Xi Spring Symposium: Global Change, Disease Ecology, and Evolutionary Management

Research Week Health Sciences Symposium

Cancer Research Coordinating Committee 2012-13 grant deadline

Frontiers of Science and Engineering Lecture Series - Dr. Paul Brown "Science Fiction and Reality: The Economics of the Personalized Medicine Revolution?"

Public Health Colloquium - Dr. Miguel Perez "Liver Matters: Liver Wellness and Your Community

HSRI faculty photo shoot - day 2

HSRI faculty photo shoot - day 1