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Sachin Goyal

Associate Professor
B.Tech.: IIT-Varanasi, India
M.S.: University of Michigan
PhD: University of Michigan
(734) 576-2200

hsri member sachin goal
Research Interests: 
  • Computational dynamics, mechanics and controls, with applications primarily in micro-scale biological systems
  • Continuum-dynamics- and multi-body-dynamics-based modeling, and inverse modeling, of DNA and proteins, and their interactions
  • Constitutive law modeling of bio-filaments from their molecular dynamics simulations


School of Engineering
Bylaw 55 Unit: 
Mechanical Engineering
Recent Success: 
ILTI grant for development of Online course on Strength of Materials
Community Affiliations: 
Member of HSRI Executive Committee
Graduate Courses: 
Introduction of Multi-body Dynamics, Continuum Mechanics
Undergraduate Courses: 
Strength of Materials, Introduction to Multi-body Dynamics
Graduate Student Research: 
Inverse Methods for Mapping Constitutive Law of Biological Filaments
Dynamics of Active Filaments
Current Graduate Students: 
Area Of Expertise: 
Dynamics and Controls
Mechanics of Biological Filaments
Human Biomechanics
Field of Study: 
Year Joined UC Merced: 
Agra, India
Current Funding Needs: 
Graduate student, post-doc research
Collaborative research on Parkinson’s disease
Current Research Focus: 

The Biomechanics and Mechano-biology program focuses on research in core areas of Mechanics, Dynamics or Controls with applications to Biology and Medicine:

  • Deformations of Biological Filaments
  • Constitutive Modeling from Atomistic Details
  • Understanding Motor Symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease (PD) from Controls Theory
  • Early Diagnosis of Parkinson’s Disease
  • Effect of Deep-Brain Stimulation on PD
  • Management of Motor Symptoms of PD from the Perspective of Human Biomechanics