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Paul Brown

B.A.: UC Santa Barbara
PhD: Wisconsin

School of Social Sciences, Humanities & Arts
Bylaw 55 Unit: 
Public Health
Recent Success: 
UC Merced Community Engagement Award
Community Affiliations: 
Mariposa Rotary Club
Graduate Courses: 
Health Economics. Health Services Research, Foundations of Public Health
Undergraduate Courses: 
Intro to the US Healthcare System, Research Methods
Graduate Student Research: 
Use of ROI in Public Health Departments
Peer support to contral childhood asthma
ROI from Chronic Disease Prevention
Attitudes toward Sugar Tax
Using research to advance healthcare providers
Current Graduate Students: 
Area Of Expertise: 
Return on Investment
Behavioural Economics
Health Policy
Translational Research
Field of Study: 
Health Economics
Year Joined UC Merced: 
Torrance, CA
Current Funding Needs: 
Graduate Student Research
Community based research
Current Research Focus: 

Much of his work evaluates the effectiveness and cost effectiveness of interventions aimed at improving health for vulnerable populations, including people who have suffered a traumatic brain injury or stroke, the frail elderly, and disabled members of the community. Research areas include:

•Prevention of Chronic Conditions

•Valley Fever

•Behavioral Economics of Sugar Consumption

•Role of Public Health Departments post ACA

Return on Investment from Behavioral Interventions