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Kyra Hamilton

Professor, Griffith University, Australia

Prof. Kyra Hamilton
Research Interests: 

I have psychology and nursing qualifications and over 30 years’ experience in health. I am founder and director of the Health and Psychology Innovations (HaPI) research laboratory. My main areas of research are health psychology and behavioural medicine with particular interests in health behaviour motivation, self-regulation, and change. I focus on behaviours of national and international importance to understand and intervene to change the beliefs, attitudes, motivations, and behaviours of individuals, health professionals, and policy makers. I am particularly interested in understanding the multiple effects of motivational, volitional, and automatic processes on health behaviour and applying integrative models of behaviour change as well as translation of research findings into policy and practice.

Primary Research Interest: 
Decision Making
School of Applied Psychology, Griffith University, Australia
Research Discipline: 
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