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Jessica Wilson

photo of Jessica Wilson

My impetus for a career in science has long been the responsible dissemination of research findings to the scientific community and public. I have a passion for intuitively communicating complex biological processes that informs many of my previous and current endeavors such as teaching and mentorship of STEM undergraduates. In these efforts, my focus has been health science topics which range from cancer biology (undergraduate) to immunology (master's thesis) to therapeutic treatment intervention of metabolic syndrome via cannabidiol (CBD) (current PhD project). These projects culminate to inform future endeavors to affect change and ultimately bring awareness and resolution to society's pressing health science concerns.

Anything Else: 

Jessica Wilson is a third year PhD student in the Molecular and Cell Biology Department at the University of California, Merced. She is currently investigating cannabidiol (CBD) therapeutic intervention on blood pressure, glycolysis and lipidation in the context of metabolic syndrome: a condition that affects an estimated 47% of the Central Valley's population. At UC Merced, Jessica has found that the intuitive dissemination of research findings and positive, inclusive scientific mentorship to be her passion. She has served as a graduate mentor for UROC (2019), 4venir (2019) and currently serves as a teaching assistant of upper-division biology topics (2017-present). Prior to this work, Jessica earned her Master’s of Science with the thesis (under embargo until May 2021) “More is Better: Resistant and Susceptible Mouse Model Reveals Toxoplasma gondii Glycophosphatidylinositol Anchor to be a Common Natural Antibody Epitope,” which is expected to significantly contribute to a major publication in fall 2019. During her time at California State University, Fresno, Jessica earned her Bachelor’s of Science from California State University, Fresno while holding research positions in a cancer metabolism lab investigating the effects of Bcl-2 family protein over-expression on the glycolytic pathways of pro-lymphocytic cell lines and in a parasite-oriented lab investigating the macroscopic endo-parasitic burden of the endangered San Joaquin Valley Kit Fox. The latter of which won best graduate oral presentation at CCRS in 2017. She is a lifetime member of Phi Kappa Phi Honors Society (Fresno Chapter) and spends her time out of research with her two “Fresno-special” fur-babies, Jackson and Kennedy.

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