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A Comprehensive Approach to Research and Innovation

Jaskanwaljeet Kaur

Anything Else: 

My research interest
in the Health Sciences stems from my prior experiences as a Research Associate and a Clinical Research Coordinator at UCSF and Stanford, respectively. The research experiences have helped me develop my interest to further learn and explore the human sensorimotor system and how better understanding this system can lead to better rehabilitation methods for patients that suffer from motor control issues. I am interested in understanding the dynamical modeling of neural networks and analyzing of neurological systems. Specifically, I am interested in understanding how multiple modalities, such as the KINARM exoskeleton bimanual robotic system and the EEG can help elucidate sensorimotor function of patients suffering from hypoesthesia, which is defined as a loss of sensitivity to sensory stimuli. Furthermore, I am interested in furthering my experimental technique
repertoire by learning transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS), along with learning how to effectively use the Vicon 3D Motion capture systems. These experimental techniques would aid in my long-term goal of developing a focused research project, along with furthering research of how
brain/behavior can be better understood using these techniques. I am fascinated by the ability of the brain to adapt to changes and am interested understanding how to better decipher the human sensorimotor system through my graduate studies.

Profesor Ramesh Balasubramaniam