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A Comprehensive Approach to Research and Innovation

Jacqueline Hua

Jacqueline Hua UC Merced

I am interested in social, emotional, and cultural factors that influence health decision-making behaviors. My current plans are to explore these factors and their effects on decision-making within health contexts. My ultimate goal is to develop interventions that will help patients effectively cope with difficult decisions about their health (e.g. choosing a treatment option for cancer) and the consequences of those decisions.


Graduated magna cum laude with a B.A. in psychology from the University of California, Riverside. I have multiple years of experience working in 3 psychological research labs at UCR as well. I was a research assistant for Dr. Kate Sweeny in the Life Events Lab, where I collected data for projects on stress, uncertainty, and information avoidance. In this lab, I was involved in a collaboration with Riverside County Regional Medical Center where I interviewed breast biospy patients about their experiences with waiting for medical test results. I was also a research assistant for Dr. Megan Robbins' OBSERVE Lab, in which I coded data for a project on dyadic coping and health. For this project, we explored the effects of automatic behaviors (e.g. sighing, laughing, word use) on physical and mental well-being in romantic couples. Lastly, I acquired a position as research associate in Dr. Cecilia Cheung's Culture and Child Development Lab, where I studied cultural influences on parenting style, academic success, and well-being in children.

Dr. Jennifer Howell
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