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A Comprehensive Approach to Research and Innovation

Ignacio Romero

The aim of my research is to provide the biomedical community with novel pulsed x-ray
imaging systems with greater sensitivity and spatial resolution for clinical and preclinical applications. My current projects are the time domain x-ray luminescence computed tomography (tdXLCT) and time of flight computed tomography (TOF-CT). The tdXLCT project aims at providing deep tissue maps of microenvironmental parameters like oxygenation, pH levels, and temperature
with greater spatial resolution than existing modalities. These parameters are of particular interest in cancer research. The goal of the TOF-CT project is to utilize the flight time of photons to reduce the number of detected scatter events thus reducing dose and improving image quality. Our group focuses on implementing this technology for breast cancer screening to remove
breast compression.

Anything Else: 

University of California, Merced
Bioengineering, PhD
GPA: 4.0
Advisor: Dr. Changqing Li, Contact:
San Diego State University
Medical Physics, M.S
Thesis: ”Magnetization Transfer Saturation Imaging to Monitor
Gender Related Differences in Leg Skeletal Muscle”
Advisor: Dr. Usha Sinha, Contact:
University of California, Los Angeles
Physics, B.S Minor: Statistics

Publications - Peer Reviewed:
I.O. Romero, U. Sinha, ”Magnetization Transfer Saturation Imaging of Human
Calf Muscle:
Reproducibility and Sensitivity to Regional and Sex Differences,” J Magn
Reson Imaging (2019),
W. Zhang, I.O. Romero, and C. Li, ”Time domain X-ray luminescence computed
numerical simulations,” Biomed. Opt. Express 10(1), 372-383 (2019), doi:

Merit-Based Awards Received:
Summer 2019 Bobcat Fellowship

Professional Memberships:
Summer 2019 Cohort of the National Science Foundation Innovation Corps, UC
Merced Optical Society of America, since 2018
American Association of Physics in Medicine, since 2016
American Physical Society, since 2013

Dr. Changqing Li