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A Comprehensive Approach to Research and Innovation

Gabrielle Loots

Assistant Adjunct Professor
(925) 423-0923

HSRI member Gabrielle Loots
Research Interests: 

Our group is interested in understanding how functional elements are encoded in the human genome and how proteins and transcriptional regulatory elements orchestrate tissue-specific gene regulatory networks during organogenesis. We are also interested in how noncoding regulatory elements cause congenital skeletal defects and contribute to susceptibility to bone and cartilage degenerative disorders such as osteoporosis and arthritis. Our main emphasis is on limb and skeletal development and congenital skeletal abnormalities. We use comparative genomics, genetic engineering, bioinformatics analysis, microarray gene expression and other high throughput genomic approaches to test our genomic-driven hypotheses.


  • Development of transgenic technologies in the frog X. tropicalis for high throughput enhancer validation
  • Identification and characterization of evolutionarily conserved ‘anonymous’ human genes
  • Genetics of Van Buchem and sclerosteosis, two hyperosteosis disorders caused by mutations in sclerostin
  • Characterization of limb, cartilage, and bone enhancer elements
  • Exploring the use of carbon nanotubes as scaffolding material for engineered cartilage tissue
Primary Research Interest: 
General Biomedical Sciences