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Asa Bradman

Professor, School of Social Sciences Humanities & Arts

Prof. Asa Bradman
Research Interests: 

My research focuses on environmental exposures and their health impacts, particularly in children. My overall goal is to conduct research that informs policies to improve public health. I also value the opportunity to work with students who will be the next generation of public health professionals. Specific areas of my work include:

  • Air quality in residential, school, and childcare environments;
  • Community exposures to ambient air pollutants and noise;
  • Strategies to assess and prevent pesticide exposures and their health impacts in agricultural communities;
  • Dietary exposure to pesticides, synthetic food coloring, and other chemicals in food;
  • Developing and evaluating environmental health literacy STEM curriculum for middle and high school students in rural California.

I work closely with community groups in the Salinas Valley (CHAMACOS Partnership); the SF East Bay (West Oakland Environmental Indicators Project), and developing new projects in the San Joaquin Valley (Central California Asthma Collaborative).