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Anna Song

B.A.: University of Michigan
M.A.: UC Davis
PhD: UC Davis
(209) 228-4591

Research Interests: 

Dr. Song's primary research interest is adolescent and young adult decision-making as it pertains to risk behaviors. Her current research involves work on:

  • Tobacco use initiation, continuation, and cessation
  • Risk factors for sex initiation
  • Relationship between perceptions, attitudes, and risk behaviors
  • Predictors of health-related perceptions and attitudes
  • Risk communication efficacy
  • Ethnic differences in risk behaviors
  • Longitudinal methodology
School of Social Sciences, Humanities & Arts
Bylaw 55 Unit: 
Recent Success: 
Co-Primary Investigator on $3 Million grant NCI Grant Examining the Effect of Tobacco Advocacy at the State Level
Author for the last Surgeon General’s report on adolescent tobacco use (2012)
Community Affiliations: 
American Public Health Association
HSRI's Translational Research Group
Memeber of HSRI Executive Committee
Graduate Courses: 
Health Disparities and Health Risk Behaviors
Undergraduate Courses: 
Health Disparities and Personality Psychology
Graduate Student Research: 
Smoking risk perceptions in adolescents and young adults
Eating and exercise behaviors
Current Graduate Students: 
Past Research Topics: 
Personailty Profiling
Area Of Expertise: 
Tobacco Use
Poly-Substance Abuse
UnHealthy Eating Patterns
Beliefs on Risks, Benefits, and Consequences Associated with Behaviors
Cultural Factors Affecting Health DIsparities
Field of Study: 
Health Psychology; Psychological Epidemiology
Year Joined UC Merced: 
Post Doc School: 
West Bloomfield, MI
Current Funding Needs: 
Funding to support research staff to facilitate participant recruitment and data collection
Current Research Focus: 

Understanding processes and developing the means to inform individuals, from teens to policy makers, to make better decisions that impact their health. Current research focuses specifically on:

  • Adolescent and Young Adult Risk Behaviors
  • Health Disparities in Health Behavior